Huge Eug - The Part Where I Run

I've traveled to Eugene two years in a row for marathon weekend to cheer all the cheers. Both years were pretty epic - read about it here and here. This year I'm going to run (the half). Who am I?! What will the Eugene Marathon be without the Banana?! Okay, that's a tad self centered.

I don't have any big expectations for this race other than to put in a good effort and race on a course that I've been wanting to run for awhile now. Sorry to disappoint if you were looking for a juicy race strategy post. Really it can be summed up in one line - to run comfortably quick for the first 10 miles and then try and race the last 3.1. We'll see what unfolds on Sunday.

All in all the weekend should be pretty great. There will be running, cheering, beering, chip salad'ing, and maybe even a bit of IAAF World Junior Championship spectating. I'll get to stay with this girl and catch up with this girl (like this weekend could be complete without them??). I think the only thing missing is the banana costume... RIP Banana.


Winthrop Half Marathon Race Report 2014

Diablo Lake

I'm going to be in Chelan for the weekend, Chelan is an hour-ish south of Winthrop, Winthrop's half marathon is that weekend, I won last year, let's do it again. Ah yes, you have to love a good scheming thought process two weeks out from a race. Steff and I headed to Chelan this past weekend for a mini girl's weekend. She likes to run halfs (this was #39 by the way - crazy town right?!) and I liked winning last year so... let's throw that in the mix of relaxing, wine tasting, and eating shall we?


You're Not A Marathoner

Well crap... What the heck have I been doing these past 5, 6 years?!

Okay, okay, I'm leaving out a bit of context, but just so you know that original statement was a bit shocking to hear. The context was (and I'm paraphrasing to an extent) "you're not a marathoner... you're a middle distance runner and would find greater success in shorter distances.... you have to figure out what you want to do." Seriously all good things but way to throw me for a loop Carolyn! 

I heard that statement a week after Boston and I've been sitting on it ever since. Letting it percolate. 
"I'm not a marathoner"... but what if I still have marathon goals?
"I'm not a marathoner"... ... ...
"I'm not a marathoner"... so what races should I be running?
"I'm not a marathoner"... do I scrap my tentative plans and start running on the track?

I'll admit these haven't been deep thoughts but it did give me time to pause and assess what I really want to be doing with my running. And warning - I haven't figured that sh** out yet.


Boston Marathon 2014 Race Report

Deep breath in, deep breath out... okay, let's write this thing and move on (soooo dramatic, sorry). I started writing this on the plane ride home and like all things with this trip/race - it got deleted. At some point I'll find that hilarious... today is not that point. So let's start from scratch shall we?

I had my first DNF (Did Not Finish) on Monday around mile 14 of the race. The long and short of it - No I wasn't sick. No I wasn't injured. I went into this race calm yet excited to run. Ready for a good day. The first four miles felt great (7:15, 7:08, 7:03, 6:59). I was running a little fast (downhill) but felt like I was holding back. I felt comfortable. But after mile 4 my legs started to feel fatigued and my core body temp felt high. It was like all of my energy vanished. I sipped on Nuun and slowed my pace down - trying to back off to the 7:30s I was planning on holding for the whole marathon.