Living in a Van, Down by the River

That's either a song title, a creepy movie, or the story of my week last week. Or maybe all three.

Last week we van camped down on the Columbia River. You'd think that camping would be low key and straightforward, and really in most cases it totally is, but we kind of complicated it. Here's the rundown.

Gabe had two paddling races. One six man outrigger race on Saturday and then one downwind relay race the following Friday. In previous years he hasn't been able to participate in the second race because driving to and from the gorge area is tedious. Solution - let's camp the whole week AND rather than taking time off, Gabe could work remotely from the campsite (as long as WiFi was okay - enter purchasing a mobile hotspot) and I could trek into Vancouver and work from our system office. #winning!



I've spent the last 8 weeks training for a 5k. It's been relaxed and challenging all at the same time.  

Relaxing - I ditched the Garmin on most of my runs, enjoyed run/walks in the early morning twice a week as true shake-outs, kept up with my strength/core routine, and practiced form drills. Runs happened or they didn't. Paces happened or they didn't. I ran a midnight 5k on a whim while on vacation and was pleasantly surprised with a 20:30 time and first female (I meant to blog about it... I still might).

Challenging - I upped the number of days for 'workouts'. Every Wednesday for the past 8 weeks has found me at the track. Mixing it up with new distances - 200s, 400s, 600s, 1ks. It was fun to have something that looked very different from 800 repeats. More importantly, I took on the challenge to rein myself in on these workouts. It became my goal to learn not to bury myself. That the pace had a point and going faster than pace was actually detrimental. It didn't always work - case in point: seeing the fastest 200 and 400 splits I've seen since I was 18... oops.


The Ultimate Run Nerd Weekend

Here's what's going down this weekend in my neck of the woods.

Saturday morning - Rock 'n' Roll Seattle half marathon spectating. Cheering on Sarah Robinson and Andrea Duke. Followed shortly by post-race brunching. I'm really in it for the pancakes, Bloody Mary's and bacon... well and to see a serious throw down of speed by those two ladies. If you need me post race I'm hopeful to have my face buried in something delicious from Portage Bay Cafe. Likely this:

Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon/evening - Cathleen and I are taking this show on the road and heading to Portland to watch really fast people run in circles at the Portland Track Festival. My sights are set on these events with some of the Oiselle elites but I'm also excited to watch the women's 10k and all other high performance events on Sunday.

My goal is to be sufficiently hoarse by the end of the weekend. I'm pretty good at cheering so this should go swimmingly. In case you forgot here's proof that I like to do serious spectating of running events (stolen from this girl's blog of the last EPIC cheer session). Who else is spectating races this weekend?!


Just Because You Gave Up Your Garmin....

Doesn't mean you stop obsessing over numbers and data and miles and, and, and... 

Case in point - THIS.YES.ME.


This, of course, could take me on a HUGE tangent but I want to point out that I've never worn my Garmin to simply track my 'health and fitness' level. I don't run just to say I did my 'cardio' for the day. Yes, I'm somewhat justifying my obsession.