I Need A Vacation

Kahakuloa Head
Timing is everything:
A month of migrating shoulder pain, derailed runs, ending in a lackluster race (on my birthday no less) was the perfect leap into 'get me the heck out of here and onto a beach' anyone could ask for. Bring on the relaxation! Bring on the sound of waves crashing on the shore! Bring on drinks in the sand, sun on my skin, and the adventures that await on an island untraveled!! I was so very ready for this break from every day life. Bathing suits (yes plural), books, sunglasses packed and an old pair of running shoes thrown in for good measure - ready to be worn in case I felt like running then to be left on the sandy beaches (figuratively of course) as some sort of symbolic 'moving on'.


Love Em Or Leave Em 5k Recap

Note: This post will most definitely come across as dramatic to many of you reading it. Admittedly the day of the race I WAS overly dramatic - frustrated, pissed off, sad. But that moment has passed and this is just a recounting of where I'm at. Honestly, it's really not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things. Just so you have a bit of context. 
Well I've let two full weeks pass between me and my race. I've debated not even writing about it, mostly because I'm so sick of the 'well that didn't go as I had hoped' phrase. I'm sick of over-analyzing training/racing/running in general. And I'm also sick of rationalizing what wasn't good 'for me' versus what is a good race in everyone else's mind. FACT: it really doesn't matter what you think. Sorry if that's rude but it's the truth. 


Week of Training

Several folks have asked 'what does 5k training look like?' so I thought I'd do a brief post on a typical week for me. Granted, I have no idea if this is typical 5k training but it is what I'm doing... and I'm training for 5ks... so take that as you wish.